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Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate

I personally feel like you can never have enough vegan, “healthy” chocolate alternatives. The more the merrier when it comes to a sweet treat that doesn’t even have to be a guilty pleasure, but a health benefit.


A recent find is high up on that list. Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate has more positives for your body than you could imagine. It’s dairy free, raw, non-gmo, fair trade, gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, and it’s loaded with superfoods and superherbs.


Each of their products has a “specialty”, i.e. tranquility, energy, and beauty. Each one uses strengthening herbs to reach those internal/external states of being. The tranquility for example contains ashwaganda (an herb used in Ayurveda healing for its restorative powers), reishi mushrooms (which can enhance the immune system), and he shou wu (an herb that calms the nervous system).


You might think to yourself, raw chocolate that’s made with both superfoods and superherbs that pack delicious, exotic taste, and nutrient dense ingredients into every bite? Yes, you are correct.


They even say on the box, “May all your addictions be beneficial”.      


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