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Cabin 11 Bakery Crackers

13 November, 2017

  There’s nothing I love more than finding great new products and snacks that fit into the Healthy Zen kitchen.   Finding various goods to share with you that make the temptation of gluten just dust in the wind puts a smile on my face.   My newest discovery is a heavenly little cracker that packs a big crunch!   Local to Santa Barbara,... READ MORE >

Butternut Squash Soup with Vanilla Bean

8 November, 2017

  With crisp cool weather in the air, and winter veggies all around us, why not take advantage of the elements!   Soup is an easy and excellent way to fit more vegetables into your daily meals.   In the summer, a cold fruit or veggie smoothie is the perfect late afternoon snack. I feel the same about soup in the fall and winter months.   ... READ MORE >

Cat Pose (Marjariasana)

6 November, 2017



One of the poses I’ve come to find that is essential for the body is cat pose. Whether I’m teaching it in most of my classes or simply implementing it my morning or nighttime stretching routine, my spine feels noticeably better.


As basic of a pose as it m... READ MORE >

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