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"Melanee truly teaches from the heart with a deep experience and intuition on what her students need to know in order to develop their own practice."
- R.G

"Melanee was one of my first yoga teachers when I started yoga two years ago. Her class continues to be my favorite; it is a perfect combination of movement and mindfulness. I always feel refreshed, often renewed, by the close of class. Melanee integrates her knowledge and skill with insight and compassion to create a positive environment for growth and learning, attending to individual concerns and promoting self-care. I hope to continue enjoying her class for years to come!"
- Julie S.

"I was new to Santa Barbara and missing my yoga class back home when I happened on Melanee’s class. I knew I was in the right place almost immediately when she greeted me with a warm smile and a gentle hug. The class is a perfect combination of mediation and movement. Melanee pays attention to the needs of each student, encouraging us both to grow and to respect ourselves as we are in the moment. I look forward to class every week, and carry it with me the other days. Melanee has helped me feel at home here and with myself. "
- Deb M.

"I used to drop in and out of yoga, essentially missing the benefits of this practice. When I met Melanee through her Mindful Yoga class, I was drawn to it as never before. I've learned that yoga is a full body and mind experience, allowing me to connect spiritually, and physically to myself and to our universe. I'm able to be present and participate in my life more fully than ever before. Thank you, Melanee. "
- M. M.

"I have been practicing yoga for 10 years w/many teachers (mostly Singapore & Germany) prior to moving to Santa Barbara. I have been taking Melanee’s mindful yoga class for about a year now. Melanee has an incredible talent for connecting with people and takes pains to learn about (and remember!) the needs of each student. She crafts her class, which has a natural flow to them and one passes from pose to pose as if by instinct. There is never any rush to move through the practice and at least for me- this translates into no possibility of injury. "
- C. M.

"I’ve been a yoga student of Melanee’s at the SBYC for 1 year and attend her mindful yoga class 2-3x a week. Melanee skillfully guides her students through mentally and physically challenging exercises, in a safe and nurturing environment. Her passion for yoga is evident in her teaching and also in her way of living. "
- R. M.

"Melanee is a caring compassionate & committed instructor who is quite in tune with her students’ needs. (She) Melanee often reminds us some basic, yet vital elements of our yoga practice that also translate to living daily life in a more meaningful & enriching way…. physically, mentally and spiritually. "
- Bob L.