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Feeling Rooted???

Healthy Zen focuses on the benefits of whole folds to heal the body. One of my new favorite books is “Life Changing Foods” by Anthony Williams. It fully aligns with the healthy benefits of eating seasonal foods. During this time of year, our bodies are drawn to potatoes, sweet potato squash, carrots and parsnips – all veggies that grow underground. Our bodies naturally understand the seasonal need for the nutrients these veggies contain.

These root vegetables are virtually fat-free, contain essential vitamins, minerals and are packed with fiber. They contain THE big vitamin B6, which is essential to aiding in new cell formation. In addition, they have potassium, calcium and vitamin C, which is highly beneficial for boosting the immune system during the cold season.

These comfort foods can help lift the weary “winter fog” by helping lessen depression, insomnia and other stress related issues. Take comfort in creating cozy recipes with these veggies and knowing that you’re benefiting your body in numerous ways. Get yourself rooted with this delicious root veggie recipe:


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