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Flowers for Your Soul


What are primary and secondary foods?


When we talk about food, we typically think of the actual food that we consume, that we need to nourish our bodies. All that we consider today as nutrition is really just a secondary source of energy. What if we put our intention onto the things that feed our minds, souls, and hearts instead of zeroing in on what we put in our mouths? This is where primary foods come into action. Primary foods are the source of nutrients that give you the joy, meaning, or fulfillment to satisfy your hunger for life.

As springtime rolls around, one of the best elements that comes with that are the blooming of wildflowers. Not only do flowers visually stimulate us, but also the smells that purify the air put the body in a sensory state of bliss. Californians are fortunate to encounter this beauty earlier than most places in the country. As Santa Barbara is blossoming with sweeps of yellow and orange wildflowers, the more seasonal parts of the country are still enduring gray skies and cold weather.

If you can’t go for a hike in the sunshine, why not bring some of the benefits of flowers as a primary food into your home? It’s the little things in life such as flowers that feed the soul. Whether you are more drawn to the radiance of sunflowers, or the euphoric aroma of lilies, treat your body to some springtime primary food love.


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