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Ginseng: Natural Energy and Immunity Boost


Ginseng is one of the most popular, well known herbs because of its many benefits. American ginseng is a root grown in North America and was first used by Native Americans. It supports the body in adapting to stress, by relaxing the blood vessels. Also, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties it contains helps to strengthens the body’s immune system. This herb also helps increase energy and regulate stamina. It can keep up endurance while giving you an extra all natural boost.


If you have kids transitioning back into school soon, a ginseng supplement can be especially beneficial to build up their immunity and protect them from germs. Just make sure to find a supplement made for children, since ginseng is rather strong.


For adults, check with your doctor on what dosage of ginseng is best for you. Typical daily doses of the extract range between 100 to 400 mg. You can also try drinking a tea made with the herb. Using ginseng will help keep you healthy, energized and stress-free.



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