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Green Thumb Glory


For those of you who have visited a farmers’ market in the last few weeks since spring has graced us with its presence, I’m sure you are well aware of the new abundance in produce. If you haven’t been to your local farmers’ market recently, let this inspire you. 

Spring is the initiation of the plant happy time of year. The sun is back in action and the weather is blissful; which means fruits and vegetables are ready to be planted. This brings me to the main point – take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and start your own garden! There are so many incredible benefits to planting your own fruits and veggies. 

Who could argue that a tomato fresh from the vine tastes better than one from the store? Food you’ve grown yourself tastes amazing! Your food is picked fresh from your garden when it’s ready and doesn’t have to be transported on a truck or sit around on store shelves. Not only that, but growing your own produce ensures what you put in your body is GMO and pesticide free. 

Equally as beneficial, whether you’re weeding, lifting, or digging, you’re probably breaking a sweat when you’re out in the garden. The activities involved in gardening often use several different muscle groups in the body. Gardening is exercise that doesn’t seem like exercise, which is what we all want, right?

If you are one who does not possess a green thumb, let this be a way to explore a new activity. You could surprise yourself! 

If committing to a garden is overwhelming or you don’t have the space for it, start with a few herbs in your kitchen window. Herbs are a great way to initiate your own home grown goods. If you are someone who would love to have organic home produce but can’t commit to the process of building and tending to a garden, there are companies like Revival Roots, which build an eco friendly garden for you, and can even maintain it! So all you have to do is enjoy your veggies.

Next time you visit a farmers’ market take note or ask some of the local stands which crops are in season. Get inspired, get some fresh air, and grow your own goods! You will be glad you did!


(An easy, eco friendly, and unique option for herbs or small vegetable plants…wood pallet!)




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