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Healthy Movie Date

    A trip to the movies isn’t complete without popcorn to snack on. Unfortunately, theater popcorn is filled with unhealthy calories and saturated fat. But there is a healthy and tasty alternative! You can make your own popcorn in a matter of minutes and use a variety of nutritional toppings for a flavor filled movie snack.

Coconut oil and cinnamon are great to mix in if your taste buds are craving something more on the sweet side. But the real star of the show is nutritional yeast! Weird name but delicious and nutritious popcorn topping! Nutritional yeast is free of sugar, gluten and dairy and is high in vitamin B12. Many people are deficient in B12 and it can be a hard vitamin to find outside of foods from animal sources, so this is great for vegans. Nutritional yeast also contains folic acid, zinc, and protein.



All these nutritional stats are great, but the real question is how does it taste? That’s the best part! Not only is it good for you but it tastes good too! The taste can best be described as a savory, nutty, cheesy flavor. Perfect for sprinkling on popcorn! We recommend Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning. Try it out on your next movie date!



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