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Hello Vegan and Cruelty Free Nail Polish!

Now that summer is right around the corner, who doesn’t love a good manicure or pedicure in sandal worthy weather?


But… have you ever wondered what’s in your nail polish? Nail polish can be a sneaky hiding place for animal ingredients and harsh chemicals. Even for those who are not vegan, why would you want things such as fish scales, and even formaldehyde in what you put on your nails?


Helping preserve Mother Earth can even come from choosing a nail polish that’s vegan and cruelty free.


There are many great choices for a healthy choice of what to put on your nails, but Deborah Lippmann does a fantastic job!


Her polish is under the category listed “5-Free” (meaning free of the 5 harmful chemicals most polishes contain), vegan, cruelty free, and…it is enriched with biotin (what your hair and nails are made out of) and green tea extract.


By keeping an eye out for just a few ingredients, you can make conscious choices that are all-around better for the planet! Vegan and cruelty-free products mean you’re speaking out against cruel animal testing practices. By opting for 5-Free products, you’re also protecting yourself and your family against harmful toxins.


Choosing vegan, healthy products gives a voice to animals, children, and the earth. Plus, they make your nails look darn good while you’re doing it!


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