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Hot or Steamy??

That seems to be the difference between traditional saunas and infrared saunas. Curious, I checked into it.

It’s been known that when a body sweats, it releases toxins. Much like when someone is sick with a fever; the body purges itself. Traditional saunas are steamy and have hotter temperatures. Those who prefer to not feel like a boiled egg may prefer an infrared sauna with its body-penetrating heat, at lower temperatures.

Bathing in an infrared sauna has a variety of benefits. It aids in detoxifying the body, boosts circulation, aids in reducing inflammation, can burns 600 calories per a 30 minute session and make your skin glow. But, the benefits go deeper than helping you loose weight and clearing your pores. Detoxifying the body releases a variety of toxins, including heavy metals and environment chemicals. The negative effect of environmental chemicals is largely overlooked by Western medicine. Raising the body temperature with an IR sauna can boosts the body’s ability to fight chronic infections, including parasites, yeast, fungi, candida, sinus infections….the list seems endless.

Maybe it’s time to start sweating the “small stuff”!


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