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I would go vegan, but I just can’t give up cheese.

I give you: Miyoko’s Artisan Cultured Vegan Cashew Cheese.


How many times have you heard someone say, “I would go vegan, but I just can’t give up cheese”?

With more and more vegans and people claiming various dietary preferences and restrictions, the world is being blessed with numerous ‘alternative’ recipes that can really rock the palate – in a good way!  Thanks to those who have ‘had’ to give it up for their health, new creations are benefiting everybody in the way of what to eat ‘instead of.’

Fun fact: Oleic acid, the same fat found in olive oil, is very high in cashew nuts.  Oleic acid promotes a healthy cardiovascular system by lowering triglyceride levels – thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.  Cholesterol free and lower in fat than any other nut, cashews make your heart happy.  

Cashews are a great source of magnesium and copper, which are essential in the making of enzymes that protect joint function by combining collagen with elastin. Magnesium is also important for proper digestion of calcium. In a nutshell, magnesium keeps the nervous system in a relaxed working order.

I stumbled upon the most incredibly authentic cashew cheese while at my favorite local market Lazy Acres in Santa Barbara. It’s not just vegan cheese, but cultured cashew cheese. I present to you Miyoko’s!


I have yet to find a healthy, vegan, delectable cheese option with so much depth in flavor, until now. They pair extremely well with Mary’s crackers for an added crunch!



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