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It’s Fall Garden Time!



As we say goodbye to summer, gardens everywhere can start to morph into a sea of delicious greens, root vegetables, and even a sprinkling of garlic chives added for flavor.


Turning your garden from summer to fall produce just takes finding out what are the right crops for your climate. Each region of the country has an ideal planting window for autumn vegetables. They need time to mature while the weather is still warm, before the cooler temperatures arrive.


Colder weather brings out the best flavor in leafy greens and many root crops. Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and Brussels sprouts become extra sweet and crisp as the days become shorter.


In addition to putting plenty of super nutritious food on your table, your fall garden provides an opportunity to manage your soil’s richness.


Rustic greens including arugula, mustard, and beets make great triple-use fall garden crops. They taste great, their broad leaves shade out weeds, and nutrients they take up in fall are cycled back into the soil.


It’s now the perfect time of year to give your garden a little tender loving care, and make the shift from summer to fall for some fresh new veggies!






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