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Let Your Heart Melt Open

Many people do not realize we tend to carry a lot of tension in our chest. For some it stems from sitting at a desk during the day. While others fall victim to the common case of holding stress in our shoulders, which can carry over to the front of the body. Regardless of the cause, the muscles in the front of our body get tense and tight, longing for relief. 

Heart-opening yoga poses are a phenomenal way to release the stress and strain we keep bound up. These poses expand the chest and rib cage, along with releasing stress and tension from the shoulders, making them more receptive and free. 

The front of the heart is where you meet others; the back is where you meet yourself. Can we breath into our hearts with even intentions?


Think a little bit deeper. 


Is your heart space in balance?

Do you feel blocked out congested in that area?

Are you putting more attention to the front or back?


When you open the back of the heart and across the chest, you create space for our most vital organ, while also making leeway for the breath to move freely into the lungs and upper chest region. All of which is both valuable and liberating! 

A heart-opening pose such as a supported chest opener with a few blocks, one lining up with the top of the shoulders and the other right above the base of the skull for support. Breathe deeply into the front of the heart to the back of the heart for several minutes.

This will create a feeling of expansion throughout the chest, deep relaxation, stability in the shoulder girdle, and a more open heart towards ourselves and others.


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