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Mario’s Vegan Gluten Free Bread

The gluten free movement majorly surfaced a few years ago, and has since become a common thing for more than those with just celiac disease or allergies to wheat; and rightfully so.

Humans don’t fully digest wheat; therefor the undigested portions of wheat begin to ferment, producing gas, which equals bloating. Secondly, wheat is also a pro-inflammatory, resulting in upset stomachs everywhere. “Wheat-Free” does not necessarily equal “gluten-free”. Other, non-wheat grains also contain the gluten protein; such as barley, and rye and commercially processed oats- due to cross contamination issues.

Giving up gluten can be very difficult for some people, especially because well, it’s everywhere. Think about it this way:


It’s not about what you give up; it’s about what you bring in.


Behold! Mario’s Vegan Gluten Free bread.


It’s by far the most “bread like” gluten free bread on the market. Not only that, Mario’s is produced here in California in a 100% vegan & gluten-free facility. They use strictly certified organic ingredients aside from some pesticide free and wild crafted produce from local farmers they know personally. They also use their own backyard produce.

Mario’s can be found at various farmers’ markets around southern California (the Ojai farmer’s market on Sunday being the closest to Santa Barbara), along with Yoga Soup here in Santa Barbara.



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