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Miracle Rice


Who doesn’t love rice or pasta? Both are such universal ingredients for various ethnicities of food dishes; but pasta is not gluten free, and rice is high in carbs.


So what if you could find a substitute for pasta or rice that was 100% good for you, and 100% made from plants? Look no further!


Miracle Rice can be used as a pasta, risotto, orzo, or rice substitute. It’s made from shirataki, which is composed from the soluble fiber of a Japanese plant’s roots.


It has zero net carbs, zero calories, and zero glycemic index.


I used this delicious substitute to make a vegetable fried rice dish. Cooking the miracle rice requires boiling it briefly, then drying it in a non-oiled pan on low heat briefly.


Adding in sautéed vegetables of your choice, with some liquid amino acids makes for an amazing Healthy Zen style fried rice.


(What are liquid amino acids? Amino Acids are the building blocks of all our organs and tissues.

It’s a great substitute for soy sauce or tamari!)




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