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Oat Bakery Gluten Free Bread



It’s no secret I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for new foods to add to the Healthy Zen kitchen.


My most recent discovery is one to shout from the rooftops…especially for those who are gluten free.


There are a variety of gluten free breads available for those who are either gluten intolerant, celiac, or just chose to extract it from their diets.


What if there was a gluten free bread that almost mirrored the taste and texture of artisanal bread? Yet was made from only organic, nutrient filled, plant based elements?


Look no further!


The Oat Bakery of Santa Barbara has mastered the craft of gluten free bread with an ingredient list that is pure simplicity.


Whether their original bun superfood bun, or the olive and spinach, these heavenly little loaves are incredibly diverse!


I first tried the Oat Bakery’s bread with Kite Hill vegan cream cheese, and my taste buds were in a state of bliss.


With a little bit of toasting for that added crunch, you can partner it with anything from avocado, to bruschetta, or even some coconut oil and cinnamon for a morning snack.


A simple little recipe to savor:


-Oat Bakery Bread sliced and toasted


-Sliced avocado

-Sun dried tomatoes

-Drizzle of olive oil

-Sprinkle of sea salt

-Fresh basil leaves



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