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Oranges Lighten and Brighten

Got a cold? Eat oranges. That’s been a longtime approached used by many people. Oranges are known for being a great source of Vitamin C, but they also contain a multitude of other beneficial properties.

An orange can lift your spirits with its uplifting aroma and color. Loaded with fiber and water, oranges are considered a “power food” because of its antioxidants and Vitamin C; both can help alleviate mild depression. Vitamin C helps produce dopamine, a feel good hormone. The other secret power of oranges is its abundance of polyphenols that help protect the body against viral infections that typically rise during cold weather.

In case you’re worried about eating too much sugar, let’s address the myth that consuming sugar is bad for you. Fruit contains small amounts of fructose. Fructose is only bad for you when its extracted and used in large amounts. The natural and complex sugars in oranges are good for your body and don’t result in an energy crash, like processed sugar.

So, when you’re feeling down and out, lighten and brighten your spirits with a beautiful, brilliant orange.


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