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Relaxation in a Bottle


I’m always learning about new essential oils and their various positive benefits. One oil that I’ve been using for years is by Young Living called Stress Away, but it wasn’t until just recently I found myself wondering what the ingredients were for this magical little bottle?


Unlike your pure essential oils like lavender or frankincense, it was hard to decipher what is actually in Stress Away.


Lo and behold… Stress Away essential oil blend is a solution created from natural elements that combine stress-reducing and relaxing properties.  With vanilla and lime as central components, it also features copaiba (an essential oil from a tree in the amazon that has anti-stress properties) and lavender, which are known to reduce mental rigidity.


Stress Away Essential Oil was designed to help us leave all the stresses of life behind! Use it for any kind of stress including stress that comes with tiredness, exhaustion from travel, irritation, or even unwind before bed. 


Using Stress Away regularly can lead to a more balanced mentality, restoring your equilibrium and creating a calming effect.


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