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Sound Healing

Sound healing is the intentional use of sound and music to support the natural healing energies in the body. Relaxation and stress reduction is a main component of a healthy lifestyle and sound healing can help you achieve just that. Music, voice, quartz crystal bowls and frequency generators are among the sources used in this therapeutic practice.

Steve Halpern creates beautiful music that engages your natural relaxation response, reduces stress, and supports your body’s innate healing energies. Common music brings about an unconscious response that keeps you focused on the future and what will come next. Halpern uses sound to keep you in the present, the now, which is the only true way to relax.




Sound healing causes increased feelings of well-being, happiness and inner peace. You can use it to fall asleep more easily and wake up refreshed. The healing powers of music composed with intention can boost your immune system and give greater concentration, focus, and creativity.

Take a look at and give his albums a listen for a calming, healing, restorative experience.


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