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Spring Detox with a Twist


As springtime is upon us and the Earth reawakens, it’s the time of year to cleanse our lives as a whole. Spring is the season of renewal, so not only do we feel the need to make a fresh start; we are provided the energy to do so. Physical and mental cleansing is a way to invigorate our bodies, giving us a boost of springtime vitality.


Not only does yoga purify the mind, it purifies the body. Yoga naturally detoxes us by enhancing the digestive system, kidneys, liver, and immune system (for those of us that fall victim to allergies this time of year). All in all, yoga physically cleanses us from inside out.


One of the best ways to boost these incredible benefits comes from adding more twist to your practice. Twist poses squeeze and massage your organs. They are postures that provide oxygen to your internal components by delivering a rush of blood to the tissues. When you release the pose, your organs become filled with nutrients and toxins are released.


A perfect example of this would be Parivrtta Parsvakonasana, also known Revolved Side Angle Pose. A twist can be added to elevate circulation by wringing out those unwanted toxins in the torso organs. Revolved Side Angle Pose reflects our intention to remain firmly grounded as we shift into the new beginnings Spring brings us.


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