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the program

At Healthy Zen there are three programs to choose from:


This is a simple program that is a great introduction to the cleansing process. A week long cleanse fits nicely into a busy schedule and can help kick-start a new wellness program.


If your body is telling you it’s time for a change, the Transformation cleanse might be what you need. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, this program can remove the toxins that are holding you back and fill you with the nutrients your body needs to run it’s full potential. Transform yourself from the inside out by flushing away the toxic residue and feeding your body with essential nutrients to repair and rejuvenate the body.


When you’re about to embark on a significant personal change and want to create a fresh start, this is a wonderful way to begin your journey. Evolve into your best self by creating the changes you are looking for by nourishing your body on every level.

offering seasonal group and private cleanses

all programs include:

  • cleanse guidelines and packet for the Healthy Zen program
  • santa Barbara Farmers market or grocery store tour to prepare for your cleanse
  • daily email support, inspiration and healthy recipes
  • detox Yoga and meditation session(s)
  • educational Handouts
  • 30 minute Health coaching session

In addition, Group cleanses offer community support and a Healthy Zen pot luck!

Please contact Melanee for more information on the Healthy Zen Cleanse Programs.

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