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The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D plays a vital role in hormonal balance.  Hormones affect everything from mood to weight.  Symptoms of hormonal imbalance may include osteoporosis, weight gain, allergies, altered sex drive, PMS, fatigue, anxiety, hair loss, changes in the skin, water retention, and even depression.  Balancing hormones enables women to maintain a healthy weight, keep a regular menstrual cycle, and have optimal energy levels.  Low stress levels, enough sleep, and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen are more obvious ways to help keep the hormonal balance.  But getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin D is equally important.  
Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, but rather a hormone produced by the kidneys and other tissues in the body. In 2006, a study showed that 2/3 of women are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency can cause low estrogen, low energy, and even chronic pain.  However, getting a sufficient amount of this essential nutrient improves your mood, provides immune support, and strengthens bones.  
The best form of vitamin D to take is D3.  The body reacts to this supplement the same way it reacts to sun exposure, turning it into a hormone called activated vitamin D or calcitriol.  Most people should supplement with 2,000 to 5,000 IU daily of vitamin D3.  Vitamin D enables your body to function at its best, so check with your doctor today to make sure you are getting enough!

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