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Walnut Flower Essence Oil; For Times of Transition

Seasons change and people change. Change – transition – can be a challenge. When faced with a challenge, many people need support and a sense of comfort. Long before pharmacies and pharmacists arrived into our culture, Mother Nature was our natural medicinal provider. Walnut Flower Essence oil is a natural remedy for times of great transition.

Walnut Flower Essence oil can be particularly helpful for individuals who need to break free from past binding beliefs. Influences ranging from family ties, community customs, social conventions and old habits can hold one back from moving forward. Walnut oil can be beneficial for all life transitions: birth and death, beginning and ending relationships because transformation must happen for evolution to continue.

The essence oil is a natural antioxidant and contains amounts of melatonin, responsible in aiding normal sleep patterns. It can be used topically or digested. Drops can be added to bath water or used in a topical spray to help cure fungal infections . Or one may place 2-4 drops, up to 4 times a day directly onto the tongue, behind the ears, temples or wrists. If applying, gently rub into the area.

Just as Mother Nature’s seasons change, so do people’s. Honor the change by supporting the transition in natural, holistic way with the use of Walnut Flower Essence.


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