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What’s Your Shadow?


Today August 21, marked an exciting event in astronomy and astrology, science and spirituality, and everything in between. The first total solar eclipse occurred for the first time in over 25 years.

So what does it mean for the moon to pass between the sun and the earth, blocking the sun (or partially depending on where you were on our planet), giving a few moments of complete darkness during the day?


This solar eclipse represents one of the primary lessons of a mindful yoga practice.


It reminds us of the sacred nature of the planet we inhabit. It puts our human place in the cosmos in clearer perspective.

The metaphorical significance of a solar eclipse, the temporary darkening of illumination, can invite deep, meaningful reflection on the change of dark and light in our own lives.

The movement from light to darkness to light is a natural, rhythmic cycle that we experience every day. Our lives, like the rest of nature, are cyclical. Rather than resist the arrival of darkness or push it to pass us by, we have the option to get curious about it. We might even ask in dark times, and during the eclipse, “What’s in the shadow? Is There something you don’t want to look at you need to address?”

The ability to stand within the tension between dark and light, and to bring them into union within ourselves, reflects spiritual maturity.


Whether it’s during your yoga practice or another element of life, what is it you’re not looking at you need to wake up to?


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