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Sweet Substitutes

Did you know there are sweet alternatives to traditional unhealthy refined sugar? Coconut sugar and stevia are natural low calorie alternatives that allow you to avoid the blood sugar spike from traditional sweeteners.

By now you know we are big fans of coconut over here at healthy zen, the water, the oil, and also the sugar. Coconut (or palm) sugar is made from the sap of cut flower buds from the coconut palm. It contains minerals, vitamin C, B vitamins, and some amino acids. Coconut sugar is an ideal low glycemic sweetener that is also sustainable for our planet.


Fake sugars contain aspartame and other chemical additives that should be avoided. Stevia is a green leafy plant that provides the perfect substitute. The sweetener derived from this plant is a completely natural sweetener with zero calories. Stevia can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Stevia is actually sweeter than sugar so less can be used.

Start replacing refined sugar with coconut sugar or stevia in baked goods, coffee, tea, and smoothies for an easy and sweet way to improve your well-being!


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