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The Buzz on Honey

With all the hype around agave we sometimes overlook honey. The benefits and use of honey can be traced back to ancient times. There are so many healthy ways to work honey into your daily routine.


The queen bee of the honey family is Manuka honey. It is derived from New Zealand flowers and is considered “active” meaning it contains concentrated doses of antibacterial properties. Manuka honey can not only be consumed but also used topically. Applying 1 tsp layer of honey to your clean face can clear pores and blemishes, soothe inflamed skin and balance pH. Use a honey face mask 2-3 nights a week and keep on for a minimum of 30 minutes to improve your complexion. You can also use honey on burns and wounds to speed up healing.


Consuming Manuka honey has a myriad of benefits as well. It can help lower cholesterol, protect against colitis, and decrease cancer tumor growth. Honey is packed with minerals and vitamins and thanks to its gradual absorption into the blood stream, it aids in digestion. It also helps fight off bacteria. Try mixing 1 tbsp into your herbal tea or replacing agave with Manuka honey.


Another place to find delicious honey is your local farmers market. The Santa Barbara farmers market has honey from San Marcos Farms. If you are visiting nearby Ojai you can stop by Heavenly Honey to get one of their many flavors including Orange Blosson, Sage, Wildflower, Blackberry, Avocado and many more. These local bee keepers carry pure, raw, all natural honey made right in their backyard.


Enjoy the sweetness of honey knowing that you are nourishing your body with this healthy treat!



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