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Warrior II Rebalance

When you need to find your inner strength and rebalance; Warrior II is a great solution.


Warrior II strengthens the legs, opens the hips and chest; and develops concentration, balance, and groundedness. This pose also improves circulation and respiration, while energizing the entire body.


As you come into this powerful pose, notice your body from the foundation up. Warrior II is initiated from a solid grounding and connection with the Earth.

From a standing position, the legs are separated into a wide stance. The front knee is directly above the ankle, lining up with the middle toes, (ideally) bent in a 90-degree angle. The back leg is extended with the outside edge of the back foot pressing down, while lifting up through the arch of the foot, then see if you can even out the inner and outer ankle. The front heel should be either aligned with the back inner arch, or back heel. Heel to heel alignment will give you more room in your hips.


Keep your head directly over your torso, pulling skyward through the upper pallet.

The arms are extended out to the sides stretching your palms towards your fingertips. The ribcage is lifted while opening and breathing into your heart. Keep your eyes soft as you gaze down your front middle finger.


Although warriors are a symbol of power, keep in mind you are finding your own inner strength, wisdom, and clarity.

Let yoga being your healing and medicine!


We invite you to connect to your inner warrior at the Healthy Zen house. Contact Melanee for private sessions or small intimate group classes.


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