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Zany for Zingerber Tea

When the weather becomes cool, it calls for cozy sweaters and a steaming cup of warm tea. A cup of Zingiber Tea will provide the warmth and soothing needed. Zingiber – almost sounds like a teddy bear. With its combination of sweet and spicy, it can help you feel warm and cozy! 

Zingiber Tea was created by the American Tea Room, known for curating some of the best collections of herbal blends and pure herbal teas from around the world. Zingiber tea has a combination of ginger and turmeric, with additional hints of sarsaparilla, mango, pineapple, lemon peel and orange oil.

Ginger, a common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine, has long been used for its medicinal properties in many cultures. A rich source of powerful antioxidants, ginger has a history of relieving many health problems. Ginger combines well with many herbs to improve taste and potency to speed up the delivery of healthy-plant nutrients into the bloodstream.

Turmeric, contains essential vitamins and minerals and also has cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used for centuries to improve the immune system, relieve inflammation and improve digestion.

So get your cozy on and enjoy while you benefit your overall sense of well-being. For more information and to purchase online, please visit:


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